24 Dec 2015

New WSPR software

Interesting news from G8LCO:-

"Have been trying out WSJT-X 1.60 over the last two days. The 1.60 version -not long out!- includes WSPR alongside JT65 etc. It is a nice package, had one setup issue with the sound card rate but now it works very well.

You have GAINED around 3 dB of signal level on 472KHz- the decoder is more sensitive.I am hearing better than ever on MF and Top Band.

One very nice feature is the ability to scan bands, there is a menu to list the bands you want to include, this is split by time of day into four zones night, dawn greyline, day and dusk greyline. The software switchs the bands automatically without screwing up the band data!

Having the other modes too and a spectrum view that can be taylored to your needs is very useful.

All in all it's a nice Xmas freeware present to the Ham community. They have 1.70 in development- not far from release- that has even more good features. It looks like the merge of packages is a good way forward from the old arrangement."

UPDATE 1342z:  I have just loaded WSPR-X 1.6  onto the current shack PC. It is currently running WSPR on 6m (RX and TX).

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