18 Dec 2015

More WSPRnet issues?

Yet again, WSPRnet seems to be struggling. If this continues I think I shall be forced away from WSPR, which would be a great shame in my current state of health.

The choices are to move to PSK31, JT65, JT9-1 and OPERA on MF. I can use SSB and CW, but I find these modes hard at present.  Unlike WSPR (which is mainly a beacon mode) these digital modes are really 2-way modes, so I'd have to be in the shack rather than the lounge. Maybe this is no bad thing as I need to make more 2-way QSOs. Maybe my challenge for 2016 should be to see how many countries I can work with QRP using these digital modes?

WSPRnet is a core benefit of WSPR as it allows everyone to see who is spotting you and who you are spotting. Feedback is almost instant, which is great for those interested in propagation or experimenting with antennas or rigs.


Anonymous said...

WSPR is having difficulties at present. It seems to have become too busy for the server bandwidth so you cannot always access the server. Several users are trying to get the admins attention- so far without luck.

JT65 is a good alternative in some ways, you also get kind-of-Qso's that go a lot further than older modes do. No speaking too! It also has a very large number of users all over the World.

Best 72 + 73's

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger,

I found WSPR is not always a good propagation tool when the 10m ARRL SSB contest was on. It could be interesting to find other methodes to see were you are received. I've never tried but you could try and send G3XBM JT BEACON in JT65 or JT9. In that case no one will reply but through http://hamspots.net/jt you can monitor who received your signal and what strength. Just an idea...
Think I'll try it myself this evening. The only problem is that there is no auto sequence transmitting. You have to operate the TX button yourself. But may be there is a solution for that....just experimenting. 73, Bas

Roger G3XBM said...

May give JT65 or JT9-1 a try tomorrow, probably on 20m first to make sure all is OK. I like the idea of a JT beacon mode Bas. Must see if these modes can be used with repeated automatic TXing.

SV1GRN said...

Hello Roger, JT65 and especially JT9 are extremely good for low power etc. On Pskereporter (its not only for psk) you can monitor who received your signal
73 de SV1GRN

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Just for the sake of experiment: http://pe4bas.blogspot.nl/2015/12/beaconing-with-jt-modes.html