26 Dec 2015

10m WSPR this morning

There was a mix of F2 propagation (RZ6, RA3) and much shorter skip wintertime Es on 10m WSPR. I am pretty sure we will see USA WSPR spots this afternoon. Wintertime Es peaks at this time of year.

UPDATE 1534z:   No 10m USA spots so far this afternoon. They may come later, but I am surprised not to have been spotted already today. It is already quite late in the day.
UPDATE 1622z:   Still no USA spots today. I think it is now too late?

UPDATE 1702z:   It is now, I think, too late for USA spots on 10m, probably propagation. I am surprised as I was really expecting better today. 10m is a fickle band, filled with surprises!

UPDATE 2000z:  Did I say, "10m is a fickle band, filled with surprises!"?  So I left my 10m WSPR beacon running and was rewarded with spots from EA1FBU (1297km) by wintertime Es. The opening seems quite localised with 6 spots so far from this station.

UPDATE 2208z:   EA1FBU spotted me 16 times this evening on 10mWSPR before the opening ended at 2032z.

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