23 Nov 2015

Sunspots and 10m - Mon Nov 23rd 2015

Sunspot number has climbed again to 76. K=1. The daytime forecast for 10m propagation remains "fair", so reasonable 10m conditions can be expected today. Solar flux is a respectable 122.

UPDATE 1022z:  So far, the 10m WSPR spots have been from RX3DHR (2533km). All quiet on 6m WSPR so far.

UPDATE 1024z:  As the above indicates, I am again active on both 10m and 6m WSPR and QRT on MF until after dark this evening.

UPDATE 1135z:  3 spots of G8VDQ (93km) so far on 6m WSPR, but no further spots yet on 10m WSPR.  Despite higher sunspot numbers, good solar flux levels, and undisturbed conditions, 10m WSPR is quiet this morning. 10m is definitely a band of surprises: when you expect it to be good it is not and vice versa.

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