13 Nov 2015

Sunspots and 10m - Friday Nov 13th 2015

Although solar flux is still just above 100, sunspot number has fallen to 29 (K=1) and the forecast for 10m propagation remains "poor". I am not expecting great things on 10m today.

UPDATE 1040z:  First spots of my 10m WSPR beacon today are from EA8BFK (2880km). This is single hop F2. Maybe Brazil later? KD0VWO (7412km), monitoring in Brazil, spotted me first at 1204z.

UPDATE 1045z:  On 6m G8VDQ (93km) was spotted at good strength (-19dB S/N) earlier. I assume this is tropo and aircraft. He is nearly always there but only some 2 minute bursts decode, suggesting aircraft Doppler is affecting decodes.

UPDATE 1130z:   LZ1UBO (2039km) has been spotting me for the last half an hour on 10m WSPR.

UPDATE 1355z:   The first USA 10m WSPR spot was KC1AWS (5308km) at 1302z.

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