27 Nov 2015

Stroke update - NOT amateur radio

Things here seem to be on a plateau with no real improvements for months. Just after breakfast seems to be my worst time, as I am always exhausted. A short sit-down rest and I am back to normal - well normal as I can be for now. My main issues are my voice, which is still poor, liquid swallow, giddiness when on my feet and bouts of exhaustion after physical or mental exertion.


Dick said...

Roger, it is just possible that you have arrived at the best that can be expected point of any future health improvement. I realize it is very difficult to accept that further progress may, I repeat may, may not be forthcoming. At age 76 here, I can appreciate your present circumstances and state of mind. I have issues of my own.

Now, what to do. Well, if your voice is weak, wouldn't it be best to save it for the times when you can tell friends and family how much you love them? I mean wife, children, grandchildren, and those especially close to you? Banal conversation just takes up time and energy.

You are quite articulate behind a keyboard. Why not put your life, loves, lesser-loves, experiences down on paper. Pass it on to friends and family who will value your history. I think of my own father and the questions I would now like to pose to him.

Exercise your literary creative skills. Write The Great British Novel. Even if it only ends up self published for friends and family. Keep the little gray cells active as Poirot would have expressed it.

Continue getting out and about when you can. You appear to have an active interest in nature, music, and the arts. Stay the course and the possibilities still open to you.

As my old dad used to say, keep your chin up.


Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Dick. Here is not where I want to be, so I am still striving (hoping?) for further improvements. I have been told that further progress may be slow, but I refuse to give up.

LY2SS said...

Best wishes Roger! 73