19 Nov 2015

Smart Meters - NOT amateur radio

This amused me as my energy supplier contacted me to arrange an appointment to fit smart meters but failed to turn up! I asked for a human being to contact me, but months have passed and they don't do humans. It seems their computers don't communicate!

This came via Steve G1KQH:

"Why they really want you to have a SMART Meter:

A Smart meter is NOT compulsory:


G1KQH said...

After reading it, I am most definitely not even going there. Two reasons, the first being what I have read in the Money Mail about them being able to honk up your tariff price at peak times, I always knew there would be something in it for them, and it was nothing about you being able to save energy. I have had an electric energy monitor for a few years now it has saved me nothing!

The second, the SMART meter is a radio transmitter that has to communicate with base. Both my meters for Gas and Electric on my property are fitted right underneath my Amateur aerials where it would have to be fitted, so I don't want any EMC problems.. Imagine trying to argue the case with them that I had an interferance problem and it was their gear causing it??

73 Steve

Roger G3XBM said...

I only have experience of British Gas and talking to anyone is HARD. Most letters are computer generated. I think all suppliers are as bad these days. Like you, I can wait.

G1KQH said...

They are all the same Roger, rubbish! We are with EON, had tons of problems, not getting bills, lost data flows when the meter reader had read the meter.. Put the Mother inlaw with Npower same old rubbish, bills even she couldn't understand!

I just hate ringing them, because at best you get a kid on the end of the line, who cannot even understand your problem and has to pass it to his highups, which ends up with someone ringing you back when you are not in! Then they say they have sorted the problem, great! Then the same problem happens 6 months later..

Best one, we had a new Gas meter fitted, then they sent a letter 12 months later saying they had to fit a new gas meter and when I rung them they didn't understand why we had ever received the letter as they had no information on their systems?