29 Nov 2015

Quiet day on 10m WSPR

I was late getting on 10m WSPR today, but I was on early enough to catch any USA openings. There were none today.  

FR1GZ (9724km) spotted me at 1500z and, apart from this, all was quiet. CQWW CW was in full swing so this may have reduced WSPR activity, but the main reason was poor conditions.


John -GW3OIN. said...

Hi Roger.
Spent a couple of hours mid-afternoon on 10m and found conditions reasonable. With 5 watts (FT 817) to a Mag Loop it was very easy to work into the USA, in particular from Florida, through Tennessee into Texas. A little disappointing that my furthest contact was in Austin, Texas. Would have liked a little further, say into Arizona, but it was not to be. The band went out as soon as darkness arrived here. As a separate issue. After very many years on the air I am still looking for North Dakota. Will keep on trying.
Kind regards.
John - GW3OIN.

Roger G3XBM said...

Nice work John. Was this CW in the CQWW CW contest or SSB? I suspect WSPR activity was lower partly as a result of this major contest.

John - GW3OIN. said...

Yes Roger, this was with CW. I find that with my limited antenna I get a far better response with CW than with SSB. I went on during the contest in the hope of picking up something interesting. I started on 20m but it was just wall to wall noise, which my IC 706 could not cope with. I changed to my FT 817 and found a vast improvement. I then moved to 10m which, like you, I very much favour. It is a pity that people tend to give up on 10m far too soon. I try to do my bit by at least putting out a few CQ calls on 28.060 most days, even if the band sounds dead.
Kind regards.
John - GW3OIN.