24 Nov 2015

Made in China - NOT amateur radio

Today is my XYL's birthday and one of her presents was a Cath Kitson 3-tier cake stand for the table. Even this is marked "Made in China". Surely suppliers can source this from the UK? It is just 3 slabs of plates, a few screws and some wood.

In the end this "Made in China" rubbish has to end. The wealth of the UK depends, in the end, in adding value and making things. They must make huge profits on this stuff. A few pence more to source from the UK would mean a few pence less profit. So?

John Lewis - try harder!

It is very hard to find anything that is made anywhere in Europe or the USA these days.


Anonymous said...

Here's a cheap SDR transceiver from China.

Can they get even cheaper?


Graham said...

That particular listing seems to be ONLY for the PCB and then possibly those that have failed a quality control step i.e. under silkscreen noted as "bad printing".

The Hack RF SDR's are typically around $300 plus or minus depending on options.

Sometimes making sense of what is displayed on sites like alibaba is often confusing just what is being offered.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc