25 Nov 2015

IC7300 - not yet?

The IC7300 is being actively "pre-sold" with UK dealers asking people to part with £50 deposits to secure these transceivers when they become available. I don't think any have shipped yet and I suspect it will be late spring before they appear in the UK.
The price will drop once the dealers have creamed good profits from those who must have the rig at any price - the early adopters. Really I would like the 10W version which would be a class QRP rig. This would be even better than the IC703.

It is quite likely that the early sets will have some software or hardware issues which will be corrected on later models sold.

Of all the products around, it looks the most attractive and I like the SDR architecture. Let's hope the ball grid arrays are soldered well! From bitter experience I know this can be a nightmare tweeking the process.  I can wait.

ICOM America has more information on this transceiver.

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