28 Nov 2015

6m WSPR spot and all quiet on 10m WSPR

G4APB (88km) spotted me on 6m WSPR at 1340z. The high drift (-3Hz) suggests aircraft involvement, although this could be his station stabilising. So far again today, no DX on 6m outside the UK.

UPDATE 1418z:  All very quiet on 10m WSPR with nothing stateside so far this afternoon.  I guess this is a mix of not brilliant conditions and the CQWW CW contest this weekend.

UPDATE 1440z:   FR1GZ (9724km) has spotted me on 10m WSPR at 1438z. Still no USA spots today.

UPDATE 1515z:  FR1GZ has spotted my 500mW 10m WSPR 4 times so far today, but still no signs of the USA on 10m WSPR here.

UPDATE 2115z:  No USA stations spotted me today on 10m WSPR.  I would have thought one might have.

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