7 Sep 2015

Virgin Media broadband - NOT amateur radio

Today I got an email from Virgin Media saying that this autumn they will be doubling their broadband speed. It is already pretty good but twice as fast will be amazing. I think this is a general email to prevent us moving to BT Infinity or Sky.

Generally Virgin Media TV, broadband and phones are very reliable, although there have been a few times when the service has been down.


gj7rwt said...

Anyone fancy going back to 56k dial up again? Most probably not! We are all far too impatient these days. I wonder if minimum download speeds will double every so often just like computer processors speeds used too?

De Andy

Roger G3XBM said...

When we started on the internet (1995?) we had a PC with 0.5G hard drive and a 2.4k modem. How times have changed. I expect in 2025 we will be amazed at hard drive capacities in 2015 and internet speeds!