29 Sep 2015

Sunspots and 10m - Tues Sept 29th 2015

Sunspot number is 120 today, a little down on yesterday. K=3, so conditions are more disturbed than yesterday. K reduced to 2 later, so less disrurbed. The propagation forecast for 10m today is "fair" again, although I remain skeptical about 10m WSPR spots from North and South America.

In recent days the 10m band has been good with Africans and South Americans worked on CW.  On WSPR my 500mW beacon has only been spotted in North America on one day this season so far, which is disappointing. 10m, like 6m, is a magic band and one can never be quite sure how it will behave. Although I hope my tiny 10m beacon will be spotted in the Americas, only time will tell.

I shall be on 10m and 6m all day again. On 10m I am 100% TX with the beacon, but on 6m I am looking for others 80% of the time.

UPDATE 1112z:  Best DX on the 10m 500mW beacon today remains 4Z5ML (3572km). No Es seen here today on 10m WSPR and no F2 DX spots from Africa or the Americas. 6m WSPR remains dead here!

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