26 Sep 2015

Sunspots and 10m - Sat Sept 26th 2015

With K=0 and a very high sunspot number of 145 it is not surprising that 10m is in good shape today.  Even the solar forecast has conditions on 10m as "fair" rather than "poor". This is the first time they have not been "poor" in many weeks.

UPDATE 1014z:  Quite a few spots already on 10m WSPR from 4X1RF (3519km). I think this is F2. I confidently think I'll be spotted in both North and South America on 10m WSPR later. Today is going to be a good day on 10m. Enjoy it as these conditions will be distant memories all too soon.

UPDATE 1018z:  So far, a total blank on 6m WSPR where I am on RX for 82% and TXing for 18% with 1W ERP.  No spots of UK stations either on 6m.

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