22 Sep 2015


Today, I received this email. You may be interested in the link given.

"Hello Roger,
I’ve been spending some time looking at your site   http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/  . It was very nice to visit your  interesting Website ! Wish you all the best on your recovery process , your will power and strength of mind will help you all along .  
I would like to alert you to my site, Electronics360.
Electronics360 covers the business and technology of electronics as it impacts myriad industries across the global economy. Our editorial staff includes some of the best business and technology experts as well as IHS analysts and researchers who provide their insightful subject matter expertise.
Please visit http://www.electronics360.com and add a link to your  reference section if your readers will find it useful.  If you have any questions or feedback regarding the site, please feel free to contact me at  kasturi.paul@ihs.com .
Thank you for your time!
Best Regards,
Kasturi Paul"

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