22 Jul 2015

Time to go QRT on 6m WSPR?

I am seriously considering closing down on 6m altogether. I may give it a few more days but it is really not worth the effort, especially on WSPR. The trouble is, I have very little choice WRT antennas.  I use my 40/20/10m end-fed on 10m so I would not be able to use another HF band at the same time as 10m.


Ken May said...

Hi Roger,
if you get around to building your U3 kit, you would be able to go multiband. I have the optional additional relay board and with clever re-use of some low pass filters, can run all bands from 160m to 10m (in sequence) using my Z11 pro auto atu to a 7MHz vertical.

For 137 and 475khz I use the outer braid of the feeder as a longwire (or my earth probe system).

Glad to hear your heath is improving over time and congrats on your award from the RSGB.

73 Ken

Roger G3XBM said...

Thank you Ken.

Hugh said...

A comment On 6m monopoly of your radio.. I have a dedicated Rx only set-up, made of a RTL_SDR dongle, and home made mag-loop. Total cost... under 10 pounds! Works well, as the mag loop provides the filtering necessary for the sdr-dongle. (you need a computer to run the SDR software, and wspr of course) Can monitor the whole 6m band, and with multiple selectable "VFOs" (in parallel) so can do wspr, jt64, hell, etc.. plus SSB monitor, together... It is very nice to see the whole band as a waterfall, so you can jump on any DX. It is also wide enough to see the 49.75MHz Band I TV signals in Eastern Europe when conditions lift. Quite surprised others are not doing this, as it works really well!. From your increasing posts, sounds like you are making progress with the brain recovery. Very glad you are still improving and also well done with your award. Regards, Hugh G6AIG (Paris)