27 Jul 2015

Stroke update - NOT amateur radio

Although overall I get less tired (but some things still exhaust me), I still have poor speech and I feel giddy when walking, especially when turning. Thin liquid swallow is still not good - in fact I can only take sips of any liquids - but my taste is returning to normal. Real orange juice was a "no no" as was cheese and bread, but these are fine now.  In fact I enjoy orange and cheese again. Wine and whisky still taste odd (bitter) and I have yet to enjoy these again. Very very slowly things are improving, although I was expecting to be my old self a year ago! Overall, I still feel not right.

Others think I am fine. Indeed I look well, but inside I am not still. Climbing ladders is basically out of the question and anything over about 15-20 minutes of physical or mental effort really floors me. I really want to do some antenna work but this will require help unless things rapidly improve in the next few months.

I am able to drive, but this requires lots of concentration.

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