26 Jul 2015

Now QSYed to 472kHz WSPR

OK, so I have now left 6m and QSYed down to MF instead. I am still on 10m WSPR at the same time.

It is still summer time and I think people will struggle to copy my very weak (5mW ERP) signal, especially in daylight. Anyway, I am still using the earth-electrode antenna for now. At least I have a better chance on 472kHz. As mentioned before, with some help, I hope to erect a better antenna that will raise my ERP on 472kHz. This may not happen before late autumn.

UPDATE 1510z:  I see that G6AVK (78km) is spotting me on 472kHz WSPR. This is daylight. So far, I have not copied anyone, but at least I am getting out OK on MF. I am not sure why I like MF so much, but I guess it is because I am using my homemade transverter and a fairly unique "antenna". Let no-one tell you you cannot radiate a useful signal on 472kHz. If I can get out with my low ERP (I have been copied over 1000km away on this set-up) and just a couple of earth-electrodes about 12m (at most) apart in the garden, I am sure you can do at least as good or better.

UPDATE 1535z:  No further Es on 10m WSPR since the Italian earlier today.

UPDATE 1645z:  G6AVK (78km) is now getting me at 5dB S/N better than earlier, not sure why. Still no reports of others or reports from anyone else yet. Things may change as night falls.

UPDATE 1655z: WSPRnet show 17 stations worldwide on 472kHz WSPR. I need a few more "in range" stations active this evening, such as G8HUH (250km) who copied me last time I was active in the summer.

UPDATE 1840z:  Plenty of spots by G6AVK but no-one else spotted or spotting me so far on 472kHz WSPR.

UPDATE 1910z:  G6AVK spotted (eventually) in the last few minutes. Also G8LCO (58km) spotted me.

UPDATE 2102z:  PA0A (417km) and G8HUH (250km) are the best DX on 472kHz WSPR today, well so far.

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Anonymous said...

Your voice in the wilderness prompted me to give you a few spots Roger. As there is not a lot happening LF have been hovering around 40 and 20 where a new loop is under test.

Here in mid Herts there is a steady carrier on the frequency that you use, you transmit above it here, your signal is about 500nV, the carrier is around 200nV with the averaged noise about 100nV in 1.3Hz bandwidth at the active bandpass loop output.
You would be another 6dB up if I turned the loop towards you.
So a respectable signal here Roger.

Alan G8LCO