25 Jul 2015

Low WSPR activity

Worldwide, the total number of stations shown as active is just 46 for 10 and 6m combined. With this low level of activity it is hardly worth continuing. I shall continue with 10m WSPR but I may leave 6m as early as tomorrow and head to MF.

UPDATE 2145z:  I have come to the reluctant conclusion after trying for 2 summer Es seasons that WSPR does not appear to be the best mode to capture real DX openings. VE7SL reports trans-Pacific openings on 6m to Japan, but it seems very high power and big beams are necessary. This mode does appear to need mesospheric reflections (not Es) and these occur in June and July. We still have a lot to learn but WSPR does not appear to be much help sadly.  As I run neither high power or a big beam on 6m, I shall leave exploiting these very long polar paths on 6m to the grown ups.

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