24 Jul 2015

Ranger 2 and Ranger 3 from Henry's Radio

In my youth (a very long time ago!) there were adverts for Henry's Radio on the rear cover of Practical Wireless and Radio Constructor, I think. The most memorable adverts were for Ranger 2 and Ranger 3 radios covering "Medium wave, top band and shipping". I notice that details of the Ranger 3 are available on the Radio Museum website. I always wanted one but could not afford it with my pocket money.

See http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/hernrys_ranger_3.html .


Phil S said...

The Ranger 2 & 3 were slightly before my time, but I remember Henry's Radio well from when I started buying PW in the late 60s.

Here is a Henry's advert that I scanned from a 1962 copy of PW - https://db.tt/9PswYbmP it shows both the Ranger 2 and 3. Multiply the prices by 20 to get the equivalent cost today. So the Ranger 3 at 69/6 = nearly £3.50 = nearly £70 today!

Just out of interest I also scanned a Hanrys advert from 1960 and you can see how things had moved on in two years - https://db.tt/J7PYSoGm


Roger G3XBM said...

Thank you Phil - these really sent me down memory lane! It was around 1962 that I first got interested.