28 Jul 2015

10m Es and tropo

There has been Es on 10m WSPR but the openings seem to have been very localised with F1VMV (947km) spotting my 500mW 10m WSPR beacon most of the morning. Also spotting me was EA6ALL (1423km) just once.  There were also a few Germans spotting me much earlier.

UPDATE 1242z:  4X1RF before breakfast was the only E layer (I presume) DX on 6m WSPR. If this was classic Es I'd have expected to see intermediate distance stations too - there were none. In fact there was no evidence of Es here on 6m WSPR at all to this time.

UPDATE 1340z:  Overnight I was spotted on 10m WSPR in The Netherlands. This looks like it was by tropo as the distance was too short for Es. Time was right (0332z to 0416z) for tropo too - just before dawn.

UPDATE 1345z:  I see that I was spotted on 10m WSPR by GM4SFW (662km) by Es at 1240z.

UPDATE 1930z: 10m WSPR is filled with EU Es stations from across the continent. Great Es conditions on both 10m and 6m.

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