26 May 2015

Sunspots and 10m propagation - Tues May 26th 2015

Sunspot number is little changed at 66 (K=1) and 10m propagation is again expected to be "poor".

Apart from locals G4IKZ and G4KPX only early F2 spots from EA8BVP (2986km). No, what I would call , "real" DX  yet on 10m despite the undisturbed conditions. No Es seen here on 10m. I am not currently on 6m as I cannot access the shack PC easily.

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Anonymous said...

It seems unusually quitet on 10m today nr Paris. No sign of ANYTHING on the band or
outside it (monitoring 27.5 to 29.7MHz). Usually there are a few weak carriers with
5KHz offsets from European taxis, or beacons, but today absolutely nothing today so fat (16h) .. unusual. Hugh G6AIG