29 May 2015

Stroke update - NOT amateur radio

Not sure if the cranial osteopathy is the reason, but I do seem to be less tired than I was.  This week we have had all our little grandchildren staying (2 lots of 2 and they are all less than 7.5 years old) yet I am coping better.

Overall, I still have a poor voice and poor thin liquid swallow and I still feel drunk when walking, but feeling less tired is a positive step on a long road. Small steps.


gj7rwt said...

Hi Roger, I wouldn't be surprised if that was your treatment having a positive result. I have read up on the principals of this therapy as part of my learning in my own profession as a massage therapist. The effect of the cerebral spinal flow or disturbance of it does seem to manifest itself in all sorts of maladies.

If the treatment is making you feel different in a positive way then try and stick with it. I know fees can be an issue for many but hopefully you can continue.

De Andy

Roger G3XBM said...

I have 2 further sessions already booked Andy. I am game to try anything.