22 May 2015

Pixie kit prices - truly incredible prices

Since my post earlier on this blog about low cost 40m Pixie kits from the Far East, I have been told that Bangood was selling these kits today for a staggeringly low price! This information is thanks to Spence M0STO. Earlier they were for sale at an incredible £2.67. 

At this price you might just buy the crystal here in the UK!  The kit comes with ALL parts (apart from battery, key and headphones) and a very nice silk-screened PCB. Don't forget this is with FREE shipping.  Unbelievable.

My kit from them worked first time. It was the first time I'd built anything in a LONG time because of my stroke. At this price it is an offer too good to turn down. AM breakthrough was perfectly usable (i.e. low) and RX sensitivity fine. I got over 400mW out too. Don't forget, this is a complete 40m CW transceiver.
Sorry for the double post but the kits are here and the Customer Service is second to none. Beware the prices change daily inline with currency. http://www.banggood.com/DIY-Radio-40M-CW-Shortwave-Transmitter-Kit-Receiver-7_023-7_026MHz-p-973111.html


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger, thanks for pointing this out. Just placed an order for one. Cannot believe the price.


Anonymous said...

The Rx is pretty poor though. AM breakthrough, 50Hz harmonics and Internet interference a problem. Tried various mods, and now have a busted LM386 (after 5 QSOs). Using pin 7 for me did not help. Sprinkling ferrite beads everywhere did help a bit. I found I was severely limited by the Rx, and had to De-tune the antenna to back-off the Rx interference. However, the price I cannot complain, I just need to sort out the Rx. Hugh G6AIG