31 May 2015

No real voice

Although I (just about) get onto the East Cambs 2m FM net most Mondays on 144.575MHz for about 20 minutes and I get on for about 1 hour in the 2m and 70cm legs of the RSGB's Tuesday evening UKAC contests, I find using my voice hard work, so I avoid talking on the radio too much currently.  CW is not easy either. 

I certainly hope my (stroke affected) voice improves this year.  In the meantime I tend to use WSPR a lot, currently on 10m and 6m as this gives me a good indication about propagation and can be monitored elsewhere in our home via WSPRnet.


DaveL said...

Have you looked into "text-to-morse-code" type programs that you can run on a computer? Or is typing equally hard? I'm trying to think of what you can do to stay active on the air, and I'm coming up empty. Keep at it and don't give up hope, I'm rooting for you here in the states.


Roger G3XBM said...

At the moment digital modes (WSPR, JT65, JT9-1 etc) fit the bill Dave. I am not a quitter and fully intend a return to full health, but I have to accept it will take longer than I wanted or expected. I was told this, but chose not to hear it!