27 May 2015

Back on 6m WSPR

The "Kent" grandchildren have returned home, so I have my shack back. The "London" grandchildren are due soon.

As well as my 10m 500mW WSPR beacon, I have now returned to 20% TX on 6m WSPR since 1052z. The very first TX burst resulted in 3 spots by G stations with best DX 114km from G4AYT in Kent. The double spot by G3ZJO is interesting. I don't think it is my end, so it suggests a direct path (tropo) and one off aircraft with suitably low Doppler? I'd need to see the trace received by Eddie to be sure, but that is what it looks like.

Initial results on 6m WSPR this morning
UPDATE 1112z:  No 6m Es seen yet.

UPDATE 1844z:   EA117URE (1177km) - SWL or special call? -  was spotting me by Es at 1742 this evening on 6m WSPR.


Bob G8EPQ said...

I think the "Double Spot" is something at Eddies's end. I notice the same Double entries when he spots me. Interesting !

Anonymous said...

Hi All

Not too interesting really, definitely my end,I have been running a Vertical antenna set up and a horizontal one too for several days. Running H & V TX at times too, may have some of the DX scratching their heads.

The DL Es was nice today on the good old magic band. Being spotted by DK1KW and G3XBM on the same transmission no less than 18dB stronger at 986Km than at 79Km, sweet.

2015-05-27 11:52 G3ZJO 50.294458 +6 0 IO92ng +33 1.995 DK1KW JN58re 986 613
2015-05-27 11:52 G3ZJO 50.294448 -12 1 IO92ng +33 1.995 G3XBM JO02dg 79 49

73 Eddie G3ZJO

Bob said...


Well I think that is quite interesting! Your dual H & V antenna certainly explains
the varied signals I receive from you here. I'm using a simple full wave horizontal loop antenna inside my loft.

73 Bob G8EPQ

Nick Garrod said...

At 17:42 I spotted IK1WVQ at -9db, I also had a couple of spots from the Spanish station

Anonymous said...

OK Bob

Yes H & V antennas explain a lot and my beam swinging also, I thought you were horizontal for sure. Fixed directionality I couldn't be sure at this close range. Don't switch off will you I am finding your signal so useful.

Pity your weren't TXing and me observing when the Antonov-An12 came past tonight just before dark, I did spot him on the computer and nipped into the back garden to see him passing, and heard him to Market Harborough I should think. No idea what he was doing here, no Callsign no origin or destination and his transponder vanished at 3,500 ft near Nottingham after he took a detour and decent to fly over the National Space Centre at Leicester. He is not shown at any Air Shows past or future.
Sywell has a do this weekend so I shall be watching the end of my road closely in case he comes in for a fly past.

73 Eddie G3ZJO