23 May 2015

6m Es

EA1KV (1304km) has spotted me twice, so far, on 6m by Es.  I am sure there many be other Es stations this lunchtime and teatime on 6m WSPR.   Apart from this Es opening, all spots (given and received) have been G stations - G3ZJO (79km), G8EPQ (77km) and G6IMT (65km).

UPDATE 1600z:  Teatime and the Es is back again on 6m.  EA1KV (1304km) is again spotting my 1W ERP on 6m WSPR.

UPDATE 2002z:   No further 6m Es WSPR spots seen here this evening.


Photon said...

Bear a thought for my poor old 2 ele quad pointing firmly away from the usual EU action and towards multi-hop Es across the pond. Might be a long wait! Even so, I did pick up a strong signal from EA this pm.

Good luck!

Roger G3XBM said...

I do hope we see some transatlantic WSPR on 6m this season. Only use a V2000 omni vertical here, but it has worked W1TOL on QRP CW by multi-hop Es. I am sure if we get a decent transatlantic 6m opening AND ACTIVITY on WSPR my ERP will be enough.