25 Apr 2015

Spanning the Atlantic on 160m - with 10mW!

K3KQV has been copied in France when running just 10mW on Top Band WSPR. OK signals were weak at -29dB S/N, but he made it. Distance was 6214km to F59706 in the early morning.  Not sure of their antennas. I'd be pleased with this on 10m, let alone on Top Band! Here, the main RX limitation is man-made noise. F59706 must have a quiet RX set up or a quiet rural location.

Yet again it shows how good WSPR can be.

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Anonymous said...

hi Roger, 10mw to reach europe on 160m is an incredible performance !! conditions were super FB for this record. I use an active rx loop+rural qth. K3KQV antenna is unknown. GL and 73, Patrick, F59706