30 Apr 2015

So, I was amused "11 element stealth antennas"

Maybe I have the definition wrong, but I thought "stealth antennas" meant antennas that were somehow hidden or disguised so you could not easily tell they were there?

So imagine my amazement to see an 11 element HF beam listed as a "stealth antenna". Maybe every house but mine has one to hang their washing on? No surely not!

In my book an 11 element (compact?) HF beam is in no way a stealth antenna. By all means sell these - no doubt they sell well to some at over £1090, but not as a "stealth antenna".

As I have said before, a simple wire antenna and 500mW is enough for my signal to reach the far corners of the planet and I see no need whatsoever for such a big and, in my personal view, ugly antenna in my garden. My HF antenna is practically invisible: I am sure most are unaware it is even there! This is a hobby to be enjoyed in many different ways. All are valid.

Big, expensive beams are not for me.  Of course if you have this antenna you need a big, strong rotator and a big mast. Then you probably need a big rig.  Sorry, not amateur radio in my definition.

See http://www.force12inc.com/categories/applications/stealth-ham-radio.html?sort=pricedesc

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