26 Mar 2015

OFCOM plans for the year ahead

See http://www.ofcom.org.uk/content/about/annual-reports-plans/ann-plans/Annual_Plan_Statement.pdf .

Sorry, but this CRAP shows what OFCOM plans are for the year ahead. In an executive executive summary (mine) I would summarise this as,"continue to be a bureaucratic quango".

It looks like it was written by a young, overpaid, headless chicken. Lots of "informed choice" and similar buzz words. Rubbish in my view. No-one there seems to be able to make decisions based on the use of a brain and common sense.

Give OFCOM some real power and let them make common sense decisions. My recent discussions on VLF/LF experiments are just an example of their total inability to think "out of the box". Sorry, but as an OFCOM "customer" I am left very unimpressed.

Opinionated, me?


G1KQH said...

Can't say I disagree!

They need some of us Hams in there!

Start by throwing the leather suite out, ending their lavish lunches and cocktail evenings, then sort out the boys from the girls, and start on the real problems that dog our comms..

EMC would be my first one on the list!

73 G1KQH

Roger G3XBM said...

Steve, quango quango, quango - sorry but you are left with the impression they have no freedom to make decisions any more, preferring to keep within the law at ALL costs, even if this results in total stupidity. They seem afraid to show any initiative.

G1KQH said...

We are in the hands of the whizzkids, long gone are the oldeboys, keep your shoes polished, your tie straightened and get to work on time!

Standards have not slipped they have gone!

This problem is in every avenue of industry and walk of life today. That is why everything what was once good is ruined!

73 G1KQH

Andy Angement said...

Yes - entirely agree with U & the other comments. It appears this complacency is in all walks of life now. Sadly other nations will be able to lead us. The answer lies in discipline. No one likes to be disciplined especially the young but that is how we all learned the error of our ways. The way to recover is the need of strong leadership in various areas of life in Britain - G3PKW