25 Mar 2015

No 10m WSPR spots from the USA today?

Despite the sunspot count being high today at 127 I have received not a single spot from the USA of my 500mW 10m WSPR beacon today. There is little doubt that conditions are on the change. In past months a sunspot number of 127 would have almost guaranteed USA spots. No longer.

Overall, just a "fair" day on 10m WSPR.

UPDATE 1820z:   Guess who spoke too soon?  Starting at 1708z, a few USA stations have been spotting me.  I guess when conditions are marginal the openings are shorter in duration and will start much later. At least the 10m band did open to the USA, just.

UPDATE 2010z:  The opening on 10m to the USA seems to have ended with K4RCG (5995km) being the last to spot me at 1918z.

UPDATE 2115z:   So I was totally wrong again! K9AN (5995km) and others in the USA are still spotting my 500mW WSPR on 10m. This USA 10m opening was late starting, but it is not over yet!

UPDATE 2145z:   KT5W (6314km) was spotting me still at 2132z.  I wonder if this will be the last from the USA today?

UPDATE 2215z:  No further USA spots of my 500mW 10m WSPR beacon since 2132z. I think the opening has ended, although I'll leave the beacon running as I have been wrong twice this evening!

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