29 Mar 2015

Fell at the first fence!

Well, what a brilliant start! NOT.

My soldering iron has failed and I cannot find the replacement as my wife packed everything when I was in hospital, so I cannot do anything that involves soldering, which is just about everything with field work. So, as I cannot afford a new Weller soldering station, I shall have to invest in a new Maplins sourced soldering iron or soldering station. Just trying to find bits in boxes has just about flattened me too. I am now exhausted.  Bother, and I was so looking forward to this day.

Any recommendations for a decent soldering iron, not Weller?

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Anonymous said...

I usually get those Antex ones from Bowood electronics. Seem to get a good run out of those.

I tried one from a pound shop once
the bit lasted just a couple of hours and was gone! lol.