31 Mar 2015

472kHz WSPR and VLF earth-mode experiments

So I checked that I am regularly synced to internet time - I am - but 472kHz has been very quiet today since breakfast time. The last spot of me was from G3THQ (88km) at 0608z. Overnight WSPR spots were exchanged (both ways) with F1AFJ (607km) in JN06ht square. I should be getting him much better, suggesting my RX system is somewhat deaf!  His ERP is much greater than mine.  I am still using 5mW ERP and my earth-electrode "antenna".
Unique WSPR spots overnight on 472kHz
My new soldering iron is on its way, so I hope to do some VLF earth-mode field tests soon. First job will be to alter the match to my earth-electrodes on my VLF 5W beacon.  Initially, I may try the existing VLF beacon on a dummy load and receiving it in the lounge to test the RX set-up. This will test my preamp and Spectran settings.  It is so long since I have done any VLF work I have almost forgotten what settings I used!

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