21 Feb 2015

Testing time - 40m Pixie

Tomorrow I am going to try to build my little 40m Pixie kit that I bought for just over £7 from China. This build is an attempt to see if I am "up to the job". I know the limited performance the Pixie is capable of and on 40m BC breakthrough may be a major issue here in the UK.

I really really miss doing real building and truly experimental amateur radio. This is a step on a long road. My health has been so poor in the last 16 months or so that there was no way I could have attempted this before. People have been very kind and offered me building help and help with antenna erection. These offers have come from all over the world - the world is filled with good and very kind people. There are far more good and kind people than evil ones.

By normal standards a little Pixie build would be trivial. For me it is a major step and test of my current abilities. I do so hope I can manage this! Please don't laugh - to me it is a major step.


G1KQH said...

Funny you should say that? I have just written about mine too!:


73 G1KQH

John J said...

Nobody's laughing Roger. Good luck with the build!

Roger G3XBM said...

Build started!

Todd Dugdale said...

It's a good test of your skills, and if you muck it up it's no big loss.
Maybe after you put it together, you can take it apart and do it over. These are the kind of motor skills that your brain has to re-connect with what it previously 'knew'.
Just don't get frustrated. That's the kind of negative feedback that works against the neural re-connection process. The point isn't to build the kit; it's to learn *how* to build the kit.

Roger G3XBM said...

Todd, and others, thank you. See later post. I seem able to manage the soldering but it is exhausting me. I guess my brain is having to work very hard.

G1KQH said...

Perhaps it is a steam iron?

73 G1KQH

Chris Valliant said...

Great to see you haven't given up and the build will be great for you. And if you run into any trouble it sounds like you have a huge pile of friends that will help :)
Best wishes
Chris Valliant

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks for all the real goodwill and encouragement. The actual build went pretty well, but the next test will be on-air.