21 Feb 2015

President Lincoln Mk 2 (V3)?

As the price has dropped to £199 (a drop of £50) from Nevada I am now very tempted to buy one of these as 10m is my favourite band of all.  It is just coming up to the Es season too. Power output is ideal (for me) and it does all modes. I owned the original Lincoln President transceiver and it served me well for many years.  It worked all over the place on SSB and even on 10m AM.

This is basically a CB radio with bells and whistles, although as delivered it is 10m amateur band only. It covers CB bands with a simple, illegal in UK, mod.

Anyone any views?


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Looks very nice Roger. But it is still a CB radio with 10m diguise. There are other sets around even cheaper I think. It's just that you owned a original Lincoln I guess (I did too!). The original set did look more like a 10m amateurradio I think.

I would prefer a Albrecht AE5890 (looks more professional). Costs about £150 and covers after a mod 10-11-12m.

73, Bas

Todd Dugdale said...

I wouldn't buy a 10M rig that couldn't interface to handle digital modes, especially if it only runs 30W SSB. For that money, you could get an amp for your FT-817.

I'm bit surprised that you haven't done more with PSK31, considering your current limitations. Most functions can be handled with macros, so typing is minimal. And it's a bit more satisfying to have a real QSO, instead of a WSPR report. You've got the SignaLink, and the FT-817 is very interface-friendly, after all.

But I also understand what it means to have your heart set on a radio, practicality be damned.

Plymouth, MN