24 Feb 2015

Pixie (40m) build completed this evening

Completed 40m Pixie assembly
This evening, I completed the build of the 40m Pixie PCB assembly. It will get checked over for dry joints or shorts in the morning and air-tested shortly.

A very half-hearted attempt at the 6m UKAC this evening was aborted because of my poor voice but I only worked 3 locals in the short time I was on with my V2000 vertical.

I really wanted to crack on with the Pixie build, although I was not expecting to finish the built today.  The small PCB based kit does represent very good value.


gj7rwt said...

Fb Roger, looks good. Hope it works all ok . I am having loads of fun with its big brother (the frog). Last night I worked Russia, Italy, Finland, Serbia and Germany all with a 16m longwire and a cheap Chinese atu.

De Andy

Todd Dugdale said...

That was quick. It must've gone easier than you anticipated. Hopefully you have the dexterity to handle a key.

Roger G3XBM said...

Think I can manage simple rubber stamp QSOs. Not had a chance to check it over visually yet.