26 Feb 2015

Homebrew rigs, fieldwork and fatigue

Quite a few of the rigs I use are home-built, although my recent poor health has stopped me being able to build much. The 40m Pixie kit built this week was the first thing built since before my brain bleed.

Although I feel I now have the dexterity to build rigs and accessories - case work is more of an issue - doing so makes me very very tired and I have to rest to recover my energy.

I hope to resume some field work soon, but the main risk is my fatigue: can I manage being in the field for any length of time without being totally exhausted? Given time, I am told that my energy levels will return, but I have the feeling the medics really have little idea how I shall end up. To them, I have already recovered well, whereas I know I am still a million miles from how I was!

1 comment:

G1KQH said...

Well you must be alert! Eyesight working great too! You took notice of that President price I found, soon after you popped out the old Plastic and made the instant purchase.

So certainly it proves your impulse reflexes seem to working fine your end, tell the Doc that.

I am buying nothing BIG this year, we shall see how long that one lasts?

73 Steve