25 Feb 2015

10m USA non-event (almost) today

This afternoon, 10m only just opened to the USA with WB5B (8248km) being the only USA station to spot my 500mW WSPR beacon at 1350z and 1612z.  It is still possible others may yet copy me, but this is doubtful.  

4X1RF (3519km) has copied me several times today.

UPDATE 1710z:  K9AN (6505km) has copied me a few times recently.
UPDATE 1740z:  Now KG6MC (6545km) is spotting me. Maybe I should expect shorter, later openings now?

UPDATE 1835z:  K9AN has now copied my 500mW 10m WSPR beacon 14 times so far today. The opening I thought would not happen seems to be on now.

UPDATE 1915z:   No further DX spots since K9AN at 1844z.  Going QRT on 10m by 2000z.

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