13 Jan 2015

UKAC contest - 70cms

This evening being the second Tuesday of the month is the first 70cm leg of the monthly UKAC activity contests. The contest runs from 2000z to 2230z   However, I have a problem. My antenna  (5 el) is stuck aiming SW. I'll give the contest a brief go, but with 5W, being unable turn the antenna and my poor voice I don't think I shall be on too long!
70cm QSOs this evening
UPDATE 2130z:   I was on for only 1 hour (poor voice!) but, at this time of year, most activity was from fixed stations. Even with a beam fixed in a SW direction, I managed to work 5 stations with 5W on 70cms. Best DX this evening was G3MEH (84km) in IO91QS although I was copying further. By next month the beam should be rotatable again and there may be more /P activity I hope. One of the stations heard (but not worked) was my old university colleague G3XBY who was giving a JO02 locator, so I am wondering if Dale has retired not too far from here?


David (G0LRD) said...

Hi Roger,
I was in the G2XV (CDARC) shack this evening. I was not operating at the time you worked us (that was David G6KWA), but it was good to hear you.
73 David G0LRD

Roger G3XBM said...

This time it was good to work G2XV! I was considerably handicapped by my low power,fixed beam and poor voice! Nonetheless, fun. I always enjoy my brief UKAC forays.