29 Jan 2015

Stroke update

Last year I was expecting to be fully back to my old self well before now. As it is, I am still some way from that position.

Overall, I think I am still improving, but the big leaps I was expecting don't seem to be happening. Perhaps I should be satisfied with slow, small, moderate steps?  

I still feel as if I am living in a bit of a dream world, I still feel drunk when walking (feel giddy), still tire easily, and drinking thin liquids is still not easy.

Overall, I am getting slowly better, but perhaps I should expect to be left with a level of disability and will be pleasantly surprised when I get fully fit again. Perhaps my expectations were unrealistic? Whatever, I am not giving up: I want my "old self" back again this year.

At the moment I still feel unable to do field work, climb ladders (for antenna work)  or use a soldering iron. With time, this will improve.


G1KQH said...

Not long I feel before you grasp that soldering iron and start a project..

Keep Well

73 Steve

Roger G3XBM said...

I do hope so Steve! It is frustrating me as you can imagine.