1 Jan 2015

QSY from MF to 6m WSPR (still on 10m WSPR too)

At 1415z I QSYed my FT817 from MF (via the transverter and earth-electrodes) to 6m WSPR. On 6m WSPR I am running 1W ERP at 20% TX and 80% RX using my V2000 vertical omni-directional antenna.

I am still also on 10m WSPR 100% TX using 500mW using the Par tri-band end-fed antenna.

UPDATE 1806z:  No spots given and received on 6m today. A very disappointing day again on 6m. I'll give 6m a little longer, then QSY to 472kHz WSPR.

UPDATE 1902z:   Still no luck at all today on 6m. Time to QSY down to 472kHz within the hour.

UPDATE 1958zStill no results on 6m today so time to QSY down to 472kHz now.

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