25 Jan 2015

Interest in AM

I note that my most popular blog posts recently relate to Amplitude Modulation (AM). Who said this was a dying mode? Clearly it is not judging by the interest levels shown. RSGB and ARRL please take note.


Todd Dugdale said...

I'm interested in it, but as a Tech Class (half of hams) in the U.S, the only band you can operate on in that mode is 6M. That band is dead on every mode. And my FT-897D only has 25W on AM (at best).

I do talk to two hams who do AM, but they have old rigs made for the mode.

Anonymous said...

Antique Modulation is a fun mode for experimenters.


Roger G3XBM said...

Antique? I rather think not. Certainly a good mode for experimenters, we agree.

Rupert N2OTO Lubkemeier said...

In Queens, New York City there is an AM repeater nicknamed the Dinosaur!

Todd's comment is wrong. Tech class hams in the USA can operate AM on 6m, 2m, 1.25m, 70cm, 33cm and up! Just not HF.