2 Jan 2015

Giving 6m WSPR another try

Well, I must get points for effort!  Yet again, I have both 10m (500mW) and 6m (1W) WSPR running. Whilst the 500mW is getting plenty of spots on 10m, my 1W ERP on 6m is being spotted by no-one and I am spotting no-one either!

In the last few days I have exchanged 6m WSPR spots with G6AVK (78km) a few times and no-one else. I was expecting some winter Es but no luck on 6m as yet. GDX should be possible out to around 200km on 6m by tropo and aircraft reflection but there is very little activity on 6m within range at this time of the year.

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George M1GEO said...

Seeing your post, Roger, and also that VHF conditions are up, I tried WSPR on 6m and only Colin G6AVK was spotting me too! I didn't even make it to you from Romford, JO01cn! I was running 2W from my Icom IC7700.