8 Jan 2015

First and last 10m spots from the USA today

N1MGO (5293km) was the first USA station to spot my 500mW 10m beacon today at 1254z. This was quite early for recent days. A  couple of other USA spotters were K3ZV (5692km) and WG2Z (5600km) at the same time. This bodes well for a decent afternoon on 10m WSPR.

At the time of writing (1758z) the last USA station to spot me was K9AN (6505km) a 1748z.


Jon said...


I spotted you on 10m twice today so far. 500mW, 1402 UTC, no frequency drift. I also found you in one of my older Logs for WSPR on November 5th, 1830 UTC with 17 dBm of power!

Location: Canada, Ontario (51.273089, -80.640049)
Antenna: is a half wave dipole cut for 20m.
receiver: Alinco DJ-X11 IQ audio, no special isolating transformers, plugged directly into the computer.


Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Jon.