6 Jan 2015

DXCC chasing

I have never really been a DXCC chaser, or a serious contester, although I usually enter the low power section of the UKAC VHF/UHF contests on Tuesday evenings. I think this evening it is a 2m event starting at 2000z. I'll see if my voice lasts an hour! The UKAC events are 2.5 hours long but up to an hour is enough for my poor voice right now.

When I did a rough count of 10m QRP SSB DXCC countries worked over the years it was way over 100. I have worked around 50 DXCC on 6m all QRP SSB and CW.  I have never claimed any awards, but it was interesting to see just how many countries I had worked on 10m QRP SSB. Other HF bands, apart from 10m don't interest me as much.


Lee said...

Submit your totals to www.qrpdx.com

73 de Lee, AA4GA

Roger G3XBM said...

Lee - I could do, but really it does not seem that important to me. Actually I prefer the experimental side of the hobby, although I have been too unwell this last 16 months. I hope that 2015 will allow me to carry out more building and field work.