9 Jan 2015

6m - magic band, really?

Why do I bother on 6m WSPR? Apart from G6AVK (78km) with whom I exchanged spots more than a week ago I have had no success at all on 6m WSPR out of the Es season.  I get plenty of success on 10m with less power.  I go on 6m WSPR because I can do so at the same time as being on 10m. I get far more success on 630m with an ERP of just 5mW. I think I am going to give up on the "magic band" until April or May. Maybe I really do need 100W and a big yagi up high in the sky to make the band "magic" at this time of the year. My 1W ERP from a V2000 vertical omni antenna just isn't enough or maybe all the activity is on other modes?


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Anonymous said...

Have tried posting a couple of times, preview was ok and looked good but never was published.
The Capcha is getting so distorted that I need to look at many to find something readable, it used to be a few digit number that was not distorted- perhaps it sprang a leak?

The reason for posting was to note that 330 Spots were posted on 6m WSPR yesterday, well over 90% were with VK/ZL calls, there were only a handful of Eu spots which seemed to mostly work a strong eastern station. So it seems that swapping hemispheres might help....

Alan G8LCO

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Alan for the spots exchanged recently on 6m. All I see when posting comments now is a simple box to tick asked "Please prove you are not a robot" - no longer any difficult letters to decipher.

a. said...

Thanks Roger
but I still got the Capcha two word test!