16 Jan 2015

472kHz WSPR overnight

No great DX overnight on MF.  My best DX on RX was PA0O at 440km and on TX (5mW ERP) I was spotted by G8HUH (250km). No totally new stations spotted.

472kHz always has activity whereas the other band I sometimes use, 6m, is bad at this time of the year. So, currently I tend to use 10m (500mW, 100% TX) and 630m (472kHz with 5mW ERP 20% TX and 80%, the latter using earth-electrodes in the ground).

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Anonymous said...

MF WSPR is a bit quiet of late, there is some action on MF & LF Opera, a few days ago G8HUH may have been spotted in VK on MF Op.

Alan G8LCO