26 Jan 2015

10m WSPR USA spots

It is now 1232z and, as yet, no USA stations have spotted my 500mW WSPR beacon. 4X1RF (3519m) and UR/SWL56 (2283km) have spotted me many times this morning. I think the band will open to the USA and I may be a little early.

UPDATE 1336z:  Still no spots from USA stations as yet.

UPDATE 1421z:  Still no spots from USA stations as yet. I have my doubts 10m is going to open to the USA at all today.

UPDATE 1445z:  First stateside spot of my 500mW WSPR was AB4QS (7087km) at 1426z - very late indeed today.  Conditions to the USA seem poor today.

UPDATE 1545z:  Today the only USA station to have spotted me on 10m WSPR is AB4QS and he has only spotted me twice. This is definitely a very poor day on 10m compared with recent months. Usually by now I have been spotted by loads of USA stations, despite running just 500mW on WSPR.

UPDATED 1858z:  AB4QS was the last station in the USA who spotted me at a very very early 1500z. This makes today one of the worst days on 10m in months.

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