13 Jan 2015

10m WSPR-AXE-CW beacon, no PA

I turned on my 10m WSPR-AXE-CW beacon and resync'd the clock at 1007z this morning. Up to that time the PA had been off since yesterday. Imagine my surprise to see 3 spots in the log before that time from CT1JTQ (1843km). These were about 16-18dB down on normal levels but would have been at the low milliwatt level - whatever the beacon power is with the PA off. Even though reporting I was running 500mW (this is hard programmed in) I was using very low power indeed. Seasoned WSPR users will not be amazed.

I have now turned the PA on again, so am using close to 500mW again on 10m WSPR. This now seems like high power!

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