20 Jan 2015

10m 3 transistor DSB rig video, and more on the Minima

Stephen G7BFY sent me a link to a video on YouTube of the Japanese 3 transistor DSB transceiver featured in this blog some years ago. It is being tested by some Italian stations over a 10km path. Sorry this video is in Italian.

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqpfLSqtVgs

Minima Video
The video below is of the Minima SSB/CW transceiver. The transceiver is towards the end of the (rather noisy) video. This is the creator, Ashaar Farhan, in the (Indian?) video.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for that video Roger and Stephen.
He didn't show the schematic, think it's that dual gate mosfet based one?
Anyway the big test will be when he shouts back to his mate!


Anonymous said...

this helps I suppose 73

Anonymous said...